Some Recent Designs

I've been busy at work of blog designs and invitations! So busy, in fact that I haven't been able to even update! So here are some of the recent designs I've done! I hope that you'll find some that you like!

Check out my newest addition to the line-up! Custom, wrap-around address labels! Add them to any order for a low price! 25 for $3.00, 50 for $5.00, or 75 for $7.50! If the address labels are all you want, then 25 for $8.00, 50 for $10.00 or 75 for $12.00! I'll have pictures of what they look like on the envelopes ASAP!

This sweet little girl is turning 1 {obviously!} and I had the pleasure of not only making her invites, but also taking her pictures! I loved every minute of it!

This card was for some good friends of mine from college! Dabney from DPhotography's husband {JC} graduated from Medical School this May! Congratulations Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher! Hope to see you soon!

This Baby shower invite was also for Dabney and some of her friends that are throwing a shower! Take a look at the sweet little address labels!

And for MY personal favorite... because it's for me! Our Moving Announcements because we just bought a house! I should have them all addressed and mailed this week, but I'm ok with giving you a preview!

Obviously I have changed all of the addresses or blurred them to save the innocent, but if you'd like to know our new address just email me!

Now, on to some of the blogs! {I told you I've been busy!}

First up, Jessica Swaner Photography! {click to go to the blog}

I also helped her get things coordinated on her real website {click here}!

Next, Catie Lawrence Photography {her site is not quite finished yet in terms of the info, but the design is done so here's the look}.

The blogs below are private blogs so I will not be posting the links.. you wouldn't even be able to read them if I did, but here are some previews!

The Bartee's. Carly was the youth minister's wife when I was in high school and I just love her dearly! She now has a blog and I had the pleasure of doing her design!

And the next one is for my sweet cousin-in-law! I just love them so much and she has the most beautiful family in the world! Love you Magan!

I believe that about wraps up what I've been up to lately! There is a good chance though that I missed some, there have just been so many and we've moved so I'm beyond busy! I hope you liked some of the designs!

Don't forget about the address labels! They're so fun and different for your envelopes! I'm not kidding about posting pictures of them on the envelopes, I'll do that as soon as I get some of mine done!

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