About KMann Designs

Hello--my name is Kelly and I'm an Interior Designer in Texas. I'm married to one of the most wonderful men I could have ever asked for. I spend my spare time looking at houses for us to buy and designing blogs and other printed material for people.

I'm also very involved with YoungLife at one of the local high schools in town and enjoy helping kids get through high school and learn about Jesus. I love to take pictures, and I always have my camera with me. I also enjoy family time and friends--without these, life just wouldn't be the same.

This all started when one day I decided I wanted to make my blog a little more professional looking and a little more fun. I started doing some research and from there I haven't stopped, I'm always thinking of new things to try. After I tackled my own blog, I started making headers for some of my friends' blogs that I read on a regular basis.

From there I moved on to full blog designs including backgrounds, navigation bars, headers, sidebar add-ons, etc. All of this still for free, helping friends.

Then one day, I had 4 clients (some I knew, and some I didn't) in line asking me if I could help them with their blogs. That's when I decided to start KMann Designs, November 2009, and here we are today.

I do this because I love it. It gives me yet another way to express my creativity and have fun when I don't have anything else to do! I love to make a positive impact on a person's day and I feel that by helping people with their blogs or other various printed items, I'm able to do that. I have so much fun getting to know different personalities and styles, and I look forward to the possibility of helping you out with your needs as well!

Thanks for stopping by and contact me (kmanndesigns@gmail.com) with any questions. Feel free to leave a nice comment! Your continued encouragement is always appreciated!

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  1. Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! I am so excited about your new blog!!!! :)